Horizontal batch mixers MBM

Homogeneous mixtures of bulk materials

When it comes to manufacturing homogeneous mixtures, particularly in the food, chemical and plastics industries, the MBM horizontal batch mixers can be used. They can be integrated into existing in-line processes or used as a stand-alone system.

Batch mixer MBM


The products that are to be mixed are poured through a large-volume inlet opening into the horizontal mixing drum. In the process the mixing paddles of the mixer rotate, create a fluidised bed and as a result of convection ensure a rapid and thorough mixing of components that have different particle sizes and bulk densities. Depending on the formulation and product properties the mixing time per batch is between 60 and 300 seconds.

Areas of use

The MBM batch mixers are suited to all types of dry mixtures (powder, granules) and to dry media with the addition of liquid to moisten or to achieve adequate granulation, for example for

  • foodstuff
  • feedstuff
  • chemical products
  • synthetic materials

Standard design

  • Stable construction with low dead space, without removable parts in the product area
  • Material: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Glass bead blasted surface
  • Shaft sealing as a result of packing glands that can be adjusted externally
  • Large inspection and cleaning flap protected by a limit switch

Batch mixer: Sizes and technical data

TypE Gross volume l Effective volume l Weight kg
MBM 10 10 3 - 7 30
MBM 30 30 7 - 22 68
MBM 150 150 40 - 110 320
MBM 350 350 90 - 260 590
MBM 750 750 190 - 550 940
MBM 1000 1.500 375 - 1.100 1.630


Mixing tool - mixing paddle Batch mixer - for rental
Mixing tool - mixing paddle Batch mixer - for rental



  • Shaft sealing with air flushing / barrier gas
  • Spray nozzles for liquids
  • Double shell for heating and cooling 
  • Surface finish: glass bead blasted to highly polished
  • Materials: stainless steel 1.4571, other materials on request
  • Travelling mechanism, control unit and inlet funnel
  • Special dimensions and specialist designs


  • High mixing accuracy
  • Short mixing times
  • Short filling and emptying times
  • Large opening for cleaning and inspection