Trough screw conveyors, basic equipment and accessories

In standard design our trough screw conveyors consists of troughs and threads and geared motors with flexible couplings mounted on motor brackets at inlet or outlet.

The troughs and the threads are made of steel or stainless steel. The outlet is squared with JACOB flange. The thread is supported with intermediate centre bearing ca. each 3 m. On both ends HP shaft seals flush with end plates are used for shaft sealing.

Trough screw conveyor standard design

Table of the most common accessories for trough screw conveyors

Image Description Image Description
Shaft screw fitting pin screw connection
with 4 curved washers
and cap nuts to prevent gaps.
Roof-shaped cover Roof-shaped cover
Two-part centre bearing Two-part centre bearing Hinged cover Cover with quick lock and safety switch on the hinge
Overflow valve Overflow valve with safety switch on the hinge Hinged base Hinged base (each flap max. 1.2 m) with quick lock and safety switch on the hinge Silicon seals for foodstuffs
Inside overflow valve Inside overflow valve with weight and inductive sensor Reinforced centre pipe Reinforced centre pipe, so no centre bearing required
Cover with dosing saddle Cover with dosing saddle, 0.5 m long Screw thread without centre pipe Screw thread without centre pipe, e.g. for products with long fibres
Dosing plate welded into the trough Dosing plate welded into the trough Paddle thread Paddle thread with paddles screwed in
Foot with half-shell Foot with half-shell or holding plate Intermediate discharge valve Electrically, pneumatically or manually-operated intermediate discharge valve, with appropriate JACOB flange