Bag dump station

low-dust emptying of bags

Bag dump stations are used for low-dust emptying of bags.

As a transition to the downstream conveying technology, e.g. dosing screws or rotary valves, the bag dump stations are equipped with a hopper.

The hopper is manufactured individually and can optionally be equipped with an agitator or level indicator.

Bag dump station

Bag dump station
Basic design

  • Aspiration connection Ø 120 mm for 900 m³/h
  • Stainless steel grid with a 50 mm gap between the bars or in accordance with customer requirements
  • Version in painted steel or stainless steel
  • Hopper as transition to a dosing screw conveyor or a rotary feeder, produced on an individual basis, e.g. with agitator and full indicator

Dimension drawing for bag dump station

Bag dump station

Grating dimensions

Grating surface A B C D
900 x 900 mm 823 961 900 961
1080 x 740 mm 1000 1138 740 801

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