Screw discharger

complete discharging of products with poor flow characteristics

With a screw discharger, even products with very poor flow characteristics can be reliably discharged from containers and silos. In combination with a frequency inverter, it is possible to regulate the discharge capacity continuously.

Screw dischargers are dimensioned and designed according to requirements.

Screw discharger

Screw discharger
Basic design

  • We design the size and number of the screw conveyors on an individual basis
  • Standard version: steel or stainless steel, screw flights also available in highly wear-resistant steel

Dimension drawing for screw discharger

Screw discharger
A Width silo outlet
B Height
C Length of outlet
D Length of silo outlet
E Length of drive
F Length of trough
G Width of outlet

Examples from our production

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