Lump crusher MKB

Crushing of lumps

Whenever agglomerates and lumps in the food and chemical industry need to be eliminated and milled, the lump crushers MKB can be used. By means of slicing and grating they mill dry, brittle to slightly moist starting products into the desired final grain size. Thanks to its modular construction the lump crushers can be easily integrated into existing production lines or used as stand-alone devices.

Lump crusher MKB


The clumped and hardened bulk goods are fed into the lump crusher through the inlet using gravity. The rotor blades rotate, press the product through a grating sieve and mill the agglomerates to the desired final grain size.


Areas of use

  • Reduction of grain size
  • Milling after emptying of big bags and sacks
  • Milling prior to pneumatic transportation
  • Milling prior to mixing
  • Milling of filter cakes
  • Milling of broken goods and goods for reworking

Standard design

  • Extremely stable construction with no dead space
  • Surface design: glass bead blasted
  • Grating sieves with hole sizes from 2,5 to 20 mm
  • Large openings for cleaning and inspection
  • Shaft sealing with sealing rings or packing glands

Lump crushers: Sizes and technical data

TypE Capacity l/h Flange inside mm Length mm Width mm Height mm Weight KG Bearing
MKB 200 1.500 200 x 200 1.115 365 300 120 1x
MKB 400 6.000 400 x 300 1.550 400 450 280 2x
MKB 500 13.000 500 x 300 1.650 400 450 390 2x


Crushing Grating sieve Grating sieve
Crushing of salt lumps Grating sieve Grating sieve



  • Surface finish: glass bead blasted to highly polished
  • Material: stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4571, othersteel
  • Travelling mechanism, control unit, inlet and outlet funnel, adapter pieces (round to square)
  • Various sizes and capacities


  • No additional sieving of coarse material is required
  • Quick and easy replacement of the grating sieve
  • Low peripheral speed for gentle milling
  • Easy to clean