Chain conveyors type HT

Trough chain conveyors for transporting floury, grainy and lumpy bulk materials horizontally or on a slight upward incline.

Starting with our standard modular-system we adapt the chain conveyor to the product properties, the installation option and the process requirements.

Chain conveyor type HT

Brief description of HT chain trough conveyors

  • Space-saving bevel geared motor in plug-in version
  • Less carryover, as the pushers scrape the trough completely
  • No gaps in the trough, since it is folded from a single piece
  • Return end with low dead space, as the tensioning device is integrated in the drive end
  • Pushers and return rollers made of white polyethylene 1000, FDA-compliant for foodstuffs
  • Troughs painted outside and untreated inside, alternatively spray galvanised or made of stainless steel
  • Overflow valve with safety switch and inspection window

Type HT chain trough conveyor technical data

Chain conveyor   KF170HT
mm 170
mm 150
mm 130
t/h 20
t/h 10
mm 3
mm 2
N 18.000
mm 41,4
kg 43
kg 21
kg/m 30
kg/m 48


Return end
with low dead space
Take-up end Conveying chain

Chain conveyor type HT - Return end with low dead space

Chain conveyor type HT - Take-up end

Chain conveyor-type HT - Conveying chain