Crate dumping platforms - Crate dumpers

Crate dumping platforms for emptying crates

The crates containing the bulk material are placed in the crate dumping platform with the help of a fork-lift truck. The platform tips the contents of the crates into a container for further processing.
The fork-lift truck then removes the empty crates.

Crate dumping platform

Brief description of crate dumping platforms

  • Tipping operation is controlled electronically via a teach pad or from a wireless remote control
  • Suitable for seed
  • Closed housing with connecting pieces for dust extraction
  • Material: steel, painted
  • For bulk materials with a bulk weight of up to 0.8 t/m³
  • Accessories
    Extraction device with filter and fan, downstream container and under frame

Dimension drawing for crate dumping platforms

Dimension drawing for crate dumping platforms

Crate dumping platform dimensions and technical data

Crate dumping platform with hopper

Crate dumping platform   KB200 KB250
mm 1600 1600
mm 1050 1100
mm 1400 1700
kW 1.5 1.5
kg 1300 1800
mm 2280 2560
mm 2340 2650