Used Machines

We have an extensive stock of used machines for conveying and processing of bulk materials. Our used machines are refurbished by specialists as needed.

In our stock you can find a lot of machines and components for processing of bulk material. We offer used machines for mechanical conveying, like trough screw conveyors, tubular screw conveyors, chain conveyors, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, vibro feeder, discharger, big bag stations. Machines for pneumatic conveying, such as fans, rotary blowers, rotary valves, filter, separators

Granulators, mixer and screening machines

We have an extensive stock of used machines

Are you looking for used machines? With our good contacts, we can help.

TelefonOur used machines are refurbished by specialists as needed.
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Newly added machines

Centrifugal separator - used
Shaker mixer - used
Dosing rotary valve - used
Dosing rotary valve - used
Blow-through valve VRF 300 - as good as new
Reimelt dosing rotary valve D3 - used
Rotary valve - used
PAUL GROTH Trough screw conveyor TS220 VA - used
Cyrus Vibrating screen - used
Emde 2-Shaft lump breaker with Big Bag discharge - used
AZO Cyclone screener DA 360 SP - used
Dosing rotary valve - used

Screw conveyors

Tubular screw conveyors RS270 stainless steel
Daxner Tubular screw conveyor RS120 - used
Daxner Tubular screw conveyor RS120 - used
Tubular screw conveyor RS250

Vibratory feeders

Scan Vibro vibrating conveyor - used
Scan Vibro vibrating conveyor - used
Vibra vibrating conveyor FRO stainless steel - used
Vibrating conveyor - used

Other Conveying technology

Sack discharge station with lifting device - used


Tropper Ribbon mixer for laboratory - used
APEX double cone mixer 201D - used
Lödige Ploughshare mixer FKM 3000 D
Lödige Ploughshare mixer 600 l FKM 600D - used
Double cone mixer 5m³
bmw counter flow mixer - used and overhauled

Grinders / mills

Bauermeister Asima grinder AP 800S - used
Hommel Bread crumbing machine Rotormat 4000-Super - used

Dryers / Coolers

Extrudate - Cooler - used
Gouda Drum dryer / roller dryer - used

Cleaning machines

MCK Double trieur cylinder
Vibra vibrating screening machine SR - used
Bühler grading cylinder DSTZ 1E0000 - used
Bühler Aspirator MVSB 1000 - used
VibroTech Vibrating Tumbler Screener - used
Cyclone Screener WSM 800 stainless steel - used
Vibra vibrating screening machine 30/4 - used
Waeschle screen
Reimelt rotary sifter
Cyclone screener - used
Awner type 1.10 D for barley
Cyclone screener with frame - used

Rotary valves

Rotary valve 25S - new
Rotary valve 50S - new
Rotary valve 75S - new
Rotary valve 500B - new


Piller High pressure fan - used
Bühler Miag fan- used
Bühler Miag fan - used
Elektror Radial Medium Pressure Blower RD 5- as good as new
Werra HD Fan - used
Elektror High pressure blowers HRD 65/2 - used
Fan  17100 m³/h - used
Rucon fan 8000 m³/h - used

Side channel blowers

HTKvent/Ventur Side channel blower - used
Elektror Side channel blower SD 7 - used

Rotary blowers

Spellna Rotary blower - used
Aerzen Rotary blower unit GM10S - used
Rotary piston blower SH 52 with silencer - used


Used Beth Filter TF 10V - overhauled
Hainke bag filter FTG 1-2-6/10 - used


President Air separator R14
Vibra Oversize separator SRK 15/16- used

Two way valves

DMN diverter valve PTD II 100 VA - used
Bühler drum diverter MAYH 65 - used
DMN Diverter valve PTD 80 - used
Reimelt Drum diverter Typ 110 - used
Reimelt Drum diverter DN65 - used


Bühler Flow balancer MZAF 15 - used
Bühler dosing scale Tubex - used

Silos / Containers

Stainless steel container - used
Storage tank 360 l stainless steel - used
Stainless steel container with agitator - used
Hot melt container with cover - used
Stainless steel container ca. 0.75 m³ - used

Product dischargers

Vibrating discharger made of stainless steel - used

Slide gates / Butterfly valves

JACOB Pipe regulators DN 150 pneumatically operated - used
PAUL GROTH Silo discharge gate valve with transition - new
Knife gate valve DN125 pneumatically operated - used
Wey Valve Knife gate valve DN150 PN10 hand operated - used

Other components

Lock metal detector / tunnel detector 30
Rietschle Vacuum Pump 300 SK - used


Emde One-handed sack clamp - used